English Silver

The English have a long-standing tradition of creating exquisitely crafted, classically styled Sterling Silver items. Throughout the centuries, English silver has been looked to as a source of style, status, and strength. Styles of English silver have influenced other areas of design over the centuries and truly are a reflection of the country’s rulers’ tastes and the priorities that are paramount at any given time. English silver is commonly classified by the ruling monarch of any given time and at Hartman Rare Art, Inc., we offer pieces from the reign of Queen Anne through Queen Victoria, as well as a few more contemporary items.

Over the years in England, individual makers of silver have risen to near celebrity status, having created individualistic styles that appeal to the tastes of the nation’s wealthy nobles at any given time. Two such makers are Hester Bateman and Paul Storr, both of whom worked during the reign of King George III. We offer a fair variety of pieces by both makers and we strive to share their excellent work with all our customers.

At Hartman Rare Art, we strive to offer a variety of silver items. Through our gallery, we also offer a selection of Irish and Scottish silver. For specific pieces available in our collection, please refer to the corresponding “Categories” links on the sidebar. And feel free to browse our