Chinese Porcelain and Pottery

To study the history of Chinese porcelain is to study a rich tapestry of cultural and social influences spanning over twelve centuries. While our other web pages have explored earlier types and styles of earthenware/porcelain created by Chinese artisans for the most part, most of the Chinese porcelain we’re familiar with today was created between the Ming Dynasty (1368 C.E. – 1644 C.E.) and the Qing Dynasty (1644 C.E. – 1911 C.E.). Here at Hartman Rare Art, a portion of our Chinese porcelain collection is comprised of pieces created during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

There are multiple varieties and styles of porcelain and pottery developed as a result of several factors. First, China’s size must be considered a factor. As with any nation, artistic styles and popular designs vary based upon the geographic location of the craftsperson. Second, the country has seen a great deal of political and social change through the past 500 years. It is clearly understood that differences in ruling structures, social values, and international trade have very visible effects on the art and literature produced by a nation. For specific pieces available in our collection, please refer to the corresponding “Categories” links on the sidebar. And feel free to browse our