Chinese Arts

The Arts of China comprise a rich tapestry spanning more than 4,000 years of history. Due to the early unification of China as a world power through the ages, sophisticated styles of art and design have developed and evolved in various sculptural and visual media.

The styles and traditions of Eastern Art have long entranced scholars around the globe. The ideals of symmetry and balance are executed deftly in all media lending to the exquisite elegance of these items.

Also of note are our collections of Chinese Export Art. During the 18th and 19th centuries, some Chinese artisans developed styles of silver, porcelain, and ivory carving that were specifically tailored for sale to people in Europe and the United States. These styles often bridged traditional Eastern motifs and forms with popular Western tastes of the time periods. The resulting works are rather different from both Chinese artwork styled for domestic use as well as from Western artwork.

So many variant media have been explored by Chinese artists and artisans through the centuries, it would be unfair to group them all together. For your viewing convenience, we have broken down the articles of Chinese Art into several different categories and we have chosen to devote a page to each of these. A sampling of the following categories we carry: Chinese Jades, Chinese Ming and Qing Dynasty Porcelain, Chinese Export, Chinese Cloisonne, Chinese Snuff Bottles, Chinese Rock Crystal and Chinese Tang Dynasty + Sançai Pottery.

Here at Hartman Rare Art, we especially pride ourselves on our collections of Chinese Jade and Chinese Rock Crystal and other gemstones as well as our stock of Chinese Porcelain and Chinese Tang Dynasty + Sançai Pottery. While a number of pieces we offer were made during the Ming (C.E. 1368-1644) and Qing Dynasties (C.E. 1644-1911), we do have items that date as far back as the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E.-9 C.E.).

The items we present on these pages represent only a fraction of the pieces available through our showroom in Manhattan. If you wish to visit our gallery, please contact us so we can be ready with any particular types or styles in which you are interested. For specific pieces available in our collection, please refer to the corresponding “Categories” links on the sidebar.

If you are curious about other Arts from Asia, we encourage viewing our collections of Japanese Arts and feel free to browse our Hartman Rare Art eBay Store