Chinese Grey Agate Snuff Bottle


This snuff bottle is a flattened ovoid featuring a grey ground with protruded black skin carved in the form of a fish and floral arrangement. A marble-like green agate stopper is included. The bottle shows light and dark inclusions. No marks, made in China. Condition: very good. Dimensions: 3 inches height with stopper. (5099-sb)

 Price: $1050

Chinese Peking Glass Snuff Bottle


This lovely Chinese glass snuff bottle is flattened circular form and features a slender, tapered neck. On the exterior, it is decorated with 2-layer Peking-style carved glass cut from a deep red color to a snowflake ground. The cut decoration is in the form of kylins climbing elegantly over the surface of the piece. The bottle measures 3.75 inches height. (sb08)

Price: $1750