Chinese Pottery Fahua Shrine, Ming


This piece features a rectangular plinth with a figure mounted on top. The figure is set in front of a stepped wall. It is seated wearing traditional robes. In one hand the figure holds a gourd. The piece is glazed in variant blue and turquoise colors, though the face and hands of the figure have been left unglazed. The ceramic portion is mounted atop a wood and metal base with a scrolling border etched around the foot. Condition: There is some damage to the fingers, as would be expected with a piece this age; partial left hand break (piece missing), head restoration and right back corner of upper shrine has internal crack, otherwise very good overall. The sculpture was formerly from the Laurance Rockefeller collection. Dimensions: 8 7/8 inches height. (cp14)

Price: $13,200

Chinese Celadon Jade Water Buffalo


The subject of this Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) carving is a recumbent water buffalo. The jade itself has a dark celadon color in the front, though most of the reverse, top, and back end of the animal are deeply striated with russet veins. It measures 13 inches length by 6 inches height and comes with a carved wood stand. This piece was exhibited by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in its 1971 exhibition, “3 Dynasties of Jade”. It was plate #16. (cj15)

Price: $175,000