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Chinese Celadon Jade Lotus Coupe, 18th c


A rich, somewhat translucent celadon stone hollowed out and carved in the form of a luxurious lotus flower, open petals drooping over the sides. A serpentine network of vines supporting the flower beneath, all one piece. This jade comes mounted on a custom-carved wood stand in the form of stylized waves, nice linear details. No marks, carved in China circa 1750. Condition: very good. Dimensions: 6.25″ length, 3.75″ height, on stand 6″ height. (8167-cj)

Price: $15,750

Chinese Celadon Jade Water Buffalo


The subject of this Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) carving is a recumbent water buffalo. The jade itself has a dark celadon color in the front, though most of the reverse, top, and back end of the animal are deeply striated with russet veins. It measures 13 inches length by 6 inches height and comes with a carved wood stand. This piece was exhibited by the Indianapolis Museum of Art in its 1971 exhibition, “3 Dynasties of Jade”. It was plate #16. (cj15)

Price: $175,000

Chinese Celadon Jade Boulder


This early 18th century piece is fairly remarkable in its carving as it features a double-door hinged entirely from the boulder itself. On either side, the door is the central subject. One side is carved to represent the exterior of a dwelling. The door is surrounded by rockery and a female figure approaches, holding a fan and another object. The opposite side displays the interior – a woman attends to the door. Furniture and other domestic objects are carved into the jade besides the door. The piece measures 16 inches wide by 8.5 inches high and comes with a fitted, carved wood stand. (cj14)

price: $158,000