George III Silver Epergne by Emick Romer



This gorgeous silver 5-basket epergne was made during the reign of King George III in London 1768 by Emick Romer. The epergne is openly constructed and features scrolling floral and foliate branches supporting a central boat-form basket with pierced geometric decoration as well as 4 smaller baskets with openwork decoration and overhead swinging handles. The epergne is in excellent condition. The piece measures 14.75 inches height by approximately 15 inches width. The total gross weight is 76 troy ounces. (es-01)

Price: $41,100

Charles II Silver Vessel and Cover


This fine silver covered vessel was made in England during the reign of King Charles II, 1681. The piece is circular shape and features raised walls and fitted cover. The sides and the cover are decorated with repoussé and chased acanthus leaf motifs. The finial of the cover is hollow-formed and features multiple overlapping acanthus leaves. The piece has two scroll-form handles, set to opposite sides of the body. The piece measures 6.5 inches height at the finial and 8.5 inches length over the handle. The total gross weight is equal to 27 troy ounces. Despite the age, the item is in excellent condition. (es-05)

Price: $13,500

Victorian Silver Egg Set, Robert Hennell


This fine silver egg set was made in England during the Victorian Era 1853 by Robert Hennell. The set comprises a basket with overhead-swinging handle and 6 egg cups. The cups and the basket are all formed to look like hand-woven baskets. The interiors of the egg cups are gilt. The set is accompanied by 6 spoons made by Francis Higgins. The spoons, too are decorated with a woven texture. The handles feature blank cartouches for engraving and the bowls of the spoons were all initially decorated with a gilt wash, though some have faded. The basket measures 9 inches length and the set has a total combined weight of 36 troy ounces. (es-10)

Price: $7400